Dental Radiology


In order to diagnose and determine the treatment process in dental treatments radiology is required. Using the digital system to improve image quality and our patients it significantly reduces the amount of radiation it receives.

Radiography has a very important place for dental and oral health.With Dental radiography bone loss, bone loss, and root canal problems that can not be noticed in the examination easily detected can be. Also X-rays of teeth in orthodontic treatment and implant placement they help their physicians.

What is a panoramic X-ray?

The rate of radiation given by X-rays in panoramic X-rays is similar to that of other conventional X-rays is much less. It is taken very quickly. It is comfortable and comfortable for patients.

X-ray of all the teeth, jaws, teeth and many problems in the jaws. it is an X-ray film that allows it to be seen on film. More rapid and complete treatment planning allows it to be done in the format. Teeth and teeth,such as cysts, caries and tumors that are not visible to the eye. It is necessary for the detection of formations. Before surgery, the doctor must see. Because the area to be treated with this X-ray is widely seen and the success of the operation increases.

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