Children’s Dentistry (pedodontics)

It is generally known that milk teeth start to emerge after the baby has filled six months. The milk teeth are completed at approximately 3 years of age. There are 20 milk teeth between six months and three years of age. These teeth are more likely to bruise and wear due to their structural differences.

Treatment services

Our pedodontics clinic offers services to children between 0-15 years of age.
These services are;
Milk teeth and permanent teeth in the dental caries treatment,
Protective dentistry applications deemed appropriate for maintaining oral and dental health.
Interventions of trauma cases occurring in mouth-tooth-jaw region.
Diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases that may occur in infants, children or adolescents.
Genel anestezi ya da sedasyon altında yapılan diş tedavileridir.

Treatment of milk teeth:

Tooth decay in milk teeth; tooth extraction, amputation, filling and root canal treatment are treated with procedures such as. Treatment of milk teeth does not affect permanent teeth. However, cavities and inflammatory conditions that may occur in milk teeth negatively affect permanent teeth.

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